Monthly Meeting – Kelly Griffin – Namibia

Kelly Griffin will be giving a presentation on his recent travels.


An adventure to Namibia…….
My talk will center on my most recent long trip to South Africa and Namibia. In May of this year, I traveled with Tom Knapik and Joey Betzler to Cape Town and then made a giant loop from southern RSA up to the Brandberg in Namibia and then back to Cape Town.  That is a distance of nearly 1000 miles if you drove direct.  We did not do that.  We covered some 4500 kilometers.  Although this is a travel log, I hope to impart some helpful info regarding the cultivation of the plants from these areas.  We also had the opportunity to visit some special people on our way to special plants.  We found some truly magnificent things including Welwitschias, Aloes, Lithops, Pachypodiums and everything in between.  I look forward to sharing this with you all. –Kelly Griffin


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