Feb, 22, 2018 Meeting – Kelly Griffin

About The Speaker: Kelly Griffin

CHILE ~  Copiapoa Land

In November of 2017, We traveled to Chile again for a revisit to some wonderful cactus habitats. This trip included as many cactus as I could pack into a modest trip. We saw many Copiapoas, Eriosyce, Eulychnias and Neochileanias ( an old but justifiable name) November is spring time in the way southern hemisphere so we were also treated to a number of blooming bulbs and other plants like Calandrinias (Cistanthe)

This was a beautiful and special trip as the northern part of Chile had gotten some rain earlier this year and was not nearly as parched as it can be. We also visited an Island off the coast to see both plants and animals.


A little bit about our speaker…
As a function of his work at Altman plants, Kelly Griffin is charged with finding and creating new and different plants. Kelly’s hybrid aloes and agaves are well known in the industry and are collected by enthusiasts.

Kelly is a manager of Succulent Plant Development for Altman Plants, the largest producer of succulent plants in the country. His inclination has been towards Agaves, Aloes, Echeverias and Dudleyas but there are many more plants that have garnered his attention. As part of his life’s work, he has introduced many succulents and created many cultivars that have been nudging their way into gardens and patios.

Although Kelly’s area of study in college was physics, his love of plants continued to steer him towards horticulture as a career. He has travelled extensively worldwide documenting plants and collecting seed and pollen for propagation and hybridization.

Meeting Information

Kelly Griffin will be giving a presentation on Chile at the February Meeting.  Visitors welcome! Plants will be available for sale from Kelly.

February 22, 2018 starting at 7:00 pm
Anaheim United Methodist Church
1000 State College Blvd
Anaheim, CA.

Refreshments will be available.

** Plants are needed for the raffle table. **

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