April Meeting – Speaker: Gary Duke | “What kind of cactus is it?”

April 28, 2022
Social time starts at 7:00 pm
Meeting starts at 7:30pm

Anaheim United Methodist Church
1000 State College Blvd
Anaheim, CA

Featured Speaker: Gary Duke | “What kind of cactus is it?”

Gary Duke

Gary Duke is an incumbent on the Board of Directors to the Cactus and Succulent Society of America. He currently assists with auditing the CSSA finances each year and also is a member of the Honors Committee. He has been collecting cacti and succulents for over 50 years. He’s an avid collector of cacti and also collects Tylecodons and Dudleyas. He is a retired Air Force officer with a doctoral degree in physics. During his military career, he moved his original and ever expanding collection of less than about 30 plants from Illinois, where he grew up, to Omaha, NE, Dayton, OH (where he started their first C&S Society, which is now defunct), San Pedro, CA, Montgomery, AL and Albuquerque, NM where he had been show chairman. He has also been President of the South Coast Cactus and Succulent Society and the Long Beach Cactus Society. Following his military career, he worked as a program manager for Boeing for 16 years. He has over 1000 different species in his private collection and enjoys propagating them. One can view some plants in his collection on his Instagram site: garyduke53. He frequently gives slide presentations throughout southern California, including being invited to speak at the Huntington Botanical Gardens and at the Denver Cactus and Succulent Society. He has traveled to Aruba, Peru, Baja Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile to see cacti and succulents in habitat.

Meeting Information

Eriosyce, Aeonium are the mini show plants

Cactus: Eriosyce

Eriosyce, also known as Neoporteria and Neochilenia is a genus of South American cactus with a globose body, though some species may get somewhat cylindrical in older plants. Some species have a dark almost black looking epidermis, and most are heavily spined. The beautiful flowers are usually pink with a yellowish center. The fact that most species don’t get very large make them a popular cactus for collectors.

Succulent: Aeonium

Aeonium is a genus of succulent plant in the crassulaceae family. Most species are native to the Canary Islands, with a few species found in mainland Africa. The usually glossy, succulent leaves are arranged in a tight rosette. In some species and varieties, the leaves blush very dark with increasing light, and can be very attractive. Each rosette will form a terminal inflorescence, and then die, but usually the plant will produce side branches.

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